YJSTOYS is one of the leading companies in the field of children's toys; it recieved the international quality certification, ISO9001.

It founded in 2011 and based in Guangzhou, the largest trading city in China.

·   The most important feature of us is the great experience in the field of toys, we have a showroom of an area of 1000 meters gathered under its roof hundreds of items for hundreds of Chinese factories, which we have serious contracts to offer their products by us at very competitive prices.

·   We are located in the heart of Guangzhou city, the first commercial Destination for traders and investors from all over the world, to relieve you of the trouble of searching for factories of travel and transportation.

·   We have a website where the customer can register his orders with all flexibility, and we will reply to him as soon as possible.

·   Some of our clients are the largest institutions and companies in the world, we excel in fulfilling the obligations and providing the required quality as it is the basis of success of any leading company.

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